Thursday, 31 July 2014

It Helps To Have A Hero. Reading Activity

What was Room 16’s teacher talking about with her class? What do you think some of the ideas were that are around
Ms Kneepkens was talking with her class about goals and ambition. Probably a rugby player, dancer, singer, successful business person
Why did the class decide to write to Paul Whatuira, who is he? Find evidence from the text and do some of your own research.
Paul Whatuira is a professional rugby league footballer who currently plays for the Parramatta Eels in the NRL.
Why do you think the students of room 16 were speechless when they saw Paul?
Because Paul is a famous rugby player and maybe he might be someones hero.
How would you have felt if you had seen a rugby player, who had specifically come to your school to see your class?
I would be SPEECHLESS. Mostly if it was Roger Tuivasa-Sheck. I wouldn’t be that emo and cry or faint.
What are some of the items that Paul had sent class 16? Why were these items so special?
A Warriors Jersey signed by Pauls team and gave everyone posters and hats and t-shirts. They were special because they were signed by not only Paul but his other teammates.
How is Paul a hero?
Because he works hard to achieve his goals and he’s interested in how their school work is going.
Define what a hero is to you, do you have one?
A hero is someone that you inspires you me to do something. A hero is what I wanna be. Yes, I have a hero. His name is Sonny Bill Williams because he plays several sports and he plays in most of the team that I love.
Who are some heroes today? you need to do some of your own research and justify why these selected people are heroes. Earlier this year, Oprah had two families on her show to talk about the foreclosures they were facing. And then swooped in and offered to pay all the money they owe. Thanks to him, they got to keep their homes
Why is the title of the text so important?
Because he is motivating the students to study hard and aim for their goals. A hero is role-model for the little ones.
Do you agree with the title of the text? Why/why not?
Yes because its true. A hero is a role-model for the little kids.

Do you think it would be difficult to become a professional rugby player, for reason would it be/would it not be?
Yes it would be difficult because you’ll have to train and train. Eat a lot of healthy food. Drink a lot of water and have a positive attitude. You need to learn how to pass and tackle.
What do you think it takes to become a professional rugby player?
It would be difficult because you’ll have to train and train. Eat a lot of healthy food. Drink a lot of water and have a positive attitude. You need to learn how to pass and tackle.
This term we are studying the Commonwealth games, do they play rugby league at the games?
Nope, just rugby sevens.
Are any other variations of rugby played the games?
What do you think an athlete's daily life consists of, you need to do your own research.
Wake up early like 5 or 4 am. Then eat a lot of breakfast. Wait for a very consistent time then go for 2km run or longer. Then go to the gym. Do a lot of work out at the gym. When its a very good time about 12:00. Go and measure your water bottle about 1 litre. Then when its 5 or 6 pm. Go home and have dinner. When its 8:00 go to sleep. REPEAT.
What do you think makes an athlete?
The training and their attitude. Honest hearts produce honest actions.
n life when times get hard it is often easy to give up, everyone has bad days including the top athletes e.g. when they miss a try. How do you think they stay positive?
They say to themselves, “Its alright, its just one miss, you can do it again.”
Find five facts about Paul Whatuira:
He used to go to Wainuiomata Intermediate.
He plays for the Parramatta Eels.
Paul has a nick names such as cracka and fatz..
Paul is maori.
He used to play in the New Zealand warriors in 2000.
Write a letter to an athlete of your choice just as the students of class 16 did to Paul Whatuira.
You letter needs to try persuade the selected athlete to come to Pt England School.
To: Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
Roger, You are my role-model. I watched all your rugby games. My favourite team is roosters because you’re in it and other good players. You’re my perfect role-model. You motivate me to play more and never give up. You’re probably the best side stepper in the NRL. If you come to our school and walk in my classroom. I would starstruck, it would be nerveracking. I hope you come back to New Zealand and visit our school.

From, You biggest fan, Faaiua

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