Friday, 31 August 2012

Wearing your uniform

Wearing your uniform is really really good because thats how you know which school you come from. When you come from school you wear with pride and respect. I think if you don't wear it you're not showing respect to your school and your family. But sometimes some people don't like wearing their uniform because it can get dirty and muddy. The best thing the students should do is to do the right thing. The best day to wear no uniform is at home, trip and mufti day. The people in my class sometimes like to wear it because it is mighty red and mighty black. We are lucky because we wear any shoes we want and any hair. Some people think that it is bad but it is good and really  good to wear if you wear something inside you have to take it off but only the black you can wear.


This week I have been reading the story Teamwork by Maria Samuela. One of the characters Lucy was sad and angry when Ina didn’t pass the ball to her.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

The School Cross Country.

One day Pt.England had been doing cross country. We got changed into our house colours, My colour was Takitimu yellow. I was happy when my friend was in my team. Our house captain was Kayde. It was a hot sunny day so we had water and food before we had to run.

When I was at the start line it was muddy and soggy. When we took off all the nine year olds always get other people dirty and ugly. I got to the bridge and I was scared because it was broken into parts! It started to go harder and lost but luckily the martials was there to tell us where to go. The funny moments was when I was shuffling in the mud trying to go up the small hill. When I passed some people they were exhausted and lazy because I think that they forgot that they had cross country tomorrow and went to sleep at midnight. The track was uneven, slippery, broken bridges, zigzagging tracks, mud squishing, smelly mud creek. I said to my friend that  “I will come last” But I jogged with determination and desire.

When I heard the crowd shouting with excitement I was happy and tiring. I saw my friends so I jogged up to them and we jogged together through the finish line. I saw my team they said “Yay!!!”  I sat down and took my muddy shoes off and went to the tap to have a drink and wash off the dirty mud on my legs. When my friend sat down he said “Come here” we played and watch the intermediate students and the juniors sprint to the finish line.

I thought cross country will be that hard but it was the best day ever and the laziest day ever.

Friday, 17 August 2012


On a hot beutifull day room fifteen and Mr Marks had been doing sausages.
The first thing we had to do was chop the onions. When we were doing the onions Anthony said “ I can handle the onions” So he tryed and tryed but he cried so he put some water on his eyes. Then it was my turn to chop the onions it was fun and exciting. I’ll try and handle the onions. It was hard. My eyes got burnt so I gave up. It was hard to cut the onions into half. Cut rings but sometimes I cry.

After we had to grill the sausages and the onions from the mad butcher. It costs $1 for sausage but I had $2 So Mr.Marks have to give me dollar change. It was sizzling and stack of logs. Mr.Marks keep rotating the sausages to make sure that the sausages don't get burnt. The onions was cooked too.

We waited in impatient anticipation. We were sitting there quiet and silent. Mr.Marks said to us “ Come and get your sausages if you have payed.

Finally we had to eat the delicious sausages the first was to get the bread then the sausage, onions and the squeezy sauce. It was delightful and crunchy. The sausages was wrapped in his blanket and it was scrumptious.All the crumbs fell down on the hard concrete.

It was yummy!!! My favourite part of the sausages was the onions and the tomato sauce.

Thursday, 9 August 2012


Room Fifteen had been doing Basketball for the next eight weeks and we don't know who the coaches are?. So we met them carefully, they told us their names it was Brooke and Tie, they told us all about basketball it can be hard for some people or it can be easy for most people.But they said " It is all about fun" The first thing we had to do was to know them well and respect them properly.

We had to learn three new skills. The first skill was jump stop it was kind of hard for some people because we had to pivot after we had to jump stopped. It was tiring and exhausting but I was tired and was puffing a lot. The next skill was dribble to the line and spin the ball around my head five times in a Pt.England way. The next skill is the same except you have to spin the ball around our body 10 times, It was lot of training. The next skill was to spin the ball around our legs like a roller coaster spinning around lots of times.

Finally we had a fun game it was like rolling the ball under our legs and when it gets to the end you have to sprint to the front and do the same thing again but when we had to get to the fields they won. Then Team four had just finished doing cross country, Then Henry said “ Yes!!! we don't have to do cross country training.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Imaginary Monster

One Day there was Dragon called Rainbow Drago and he lived in a great big castle on top of the volcano. Then the volcano erupted at night time all the thirty one small dragons was frightened and Lee the dragon died. But the black knights were coming to steal gold and give it to their master that they can buy weapons and food for their village but the Rainbow drago was too weak because the black knights had weapons but he didn't because he is a dragon. Finally the white knights came to help him and his small dragons. When they were at war the some dragons sneaked without telling Rainbow drago. After the white knights won the war they counted the small dragons and they counted twenty five Rainbow Drago said “ Maybe I counted wrong” So he counted again properly”. One dragon came up and said Lee had died, some dragons died when you were watching but he said “ Oh what had I done when my wife comes and she is going count the dragons”. So they searched all of them and they got them because they could fly and some could sprint fast. When they got to the castle they were all excited again but when the wife came back and they had a funeral.

They lived happy ever after  

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Cross Country

Team 4 had being doing cross country for the next six weeks. Mr.Marks said “ Are you ready” We said “ Yes!!!” “Go!!!” Mr.Marks said loudly.
The five classes congested all together in the breeze, Some people was shoving. Next we saw Miss.Ouno at the gate she told us to go right where the field is and “you will see Miss. King”. I was jogging then I lost my energy, I was huffing and  puffing.

Most of the people was lazy and exhausted, I got some energy so I just jog slowly. Then we saw Miss. King and she said “You're next teacher is Mr.Sommerville. So we sprinted to Mr.Sommerville, Someone said “ We are close”. We taped Mr.Sommerville hand and Jogged back to school safely.

We had to walk around the courts, but some students were cheating. After that we had to do some exercise with Mr.Marks, sideways, backwards, forwards. Some exercise hurts but then my body got stronger and got healed again .  “It was fun and exhausting”. I said “ I think we are going to be fit for the next six weeks” Finally the bell rang loudly!.