Thursday, 5 December 2013

Milk Animation

This is my animation about milk. I hope you enjoy.

Monday, 2 December 2013

My Friends

First friend: I'm going to be showing you my best friend..... Vaifoa. Vaifoa is smart, fast and good looking. He’s my best friend because is kind and helps me a lot. He’s samoan and little bit of maori. He has brown eyes and has black hair, he has red at the front of his hair. He is also an artist.

The next friend: I’m going to showing you..... Iisa. Iisa is smart, fit and handsome. Iisa has bushy hair and brown eyes. He is very kind and has a lot of friends. Iisa is one of the smartest people in our classes. His culture is muslim and he was born from south africa.

My other best friend is.... Lee. Lee is short, skin colour and pretty. Lee is also fast and fit. Lee is nice and smart. Lee is british, scottish and part samoan. He’s is one of the fittest people in our class. He has 5 siblings. He is also good at playing soccer, cricket and rugby.

My new best friend is....... Michael. Michael is new to our school and his cousin is Vaifoa. Michael is quiet but when he gets old to the school he’ll be louder. He is good at drawing stick figures. Michael likes zombies and McDonald's. Michael likes playing games. Michael is a year 6 but he looks like a year 5 to me. Michael is nice and fun to play with.

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