Friday, 22 February 2013

Sketching At Omaru

One Sunny Day Room 18 and Room 16 went to Oamaru creek to sketch Oamaru creek. All of us was very very excited to sketch the creek. Some people was going to sketch the bridge,some drew trees but I sketched the water,trees,bridge and ducks. The ducks was having a race, If they win they will yell “ QUACK”. Vaifoa was drawing the bridge.

Next was we had to look for a spot because there was duck poo all over the grass. So we found a perfect view of the creek. First I sketched the water and the ducks after I drew the branches and the trees because it will be easier to draw it. Next was the bridge, the bridge was kind of hard to sketch.

After I wrote my name at the back we had put back the books the pencils and our sketching We lined up to go class, We went over the bridge and went passed the nikau palm. And then in the gates of Point England. Then the bell rang and went home.


Mr Chris Marks said...

Great story Faaiua. I enjoyed being out sketching the lake to. I'm amazed you could understand what the ducks were saying. Please go back and check all of the times you wrote 'was' and see if the word 'were' would suit better?

vaifoa said...

Wonderful Story Faaiua. I hope you really enjoyed sketching out in Oamaru Creek. You are good at your words Faaiua. Did you really understand what the ducks were saying? That is a good piece of writing about Oamaru Creek. I bet you should go back and check it and work out some more interesting creatures you've seen. That will make it even better. Was sketching cool? That is a lot of detail in that story I would like to hear more about your interesting adventures to Oamaru Creek. Keep up the great work Faaiua.

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