Thursday, 26 March 2015

Using Commas

Using commas

The fish and chips, which Mum had picked up on her way home from town, tasted delicious.

In the sentence above, the words in between the two commas give us extra information.  These words could be left out and the sentence would still make sense.

In the story below there are some groups of words that give extra information.  Your task is to put commas (,) around the extra information.  The first pair of commas has been put in for you.

As soon as the bell rang Rawiri, who couldn’t wait to read his new comic book, raced out the door. When he got home, he found to his surprise a police car parked in the driveway. Rawiri’s mother, who had been out shopping had arrived home to find the bathroom window smashed and many of their belongings missing.  Their house had been burgled, Rawiri couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the state of his room,  his comic books which he’d left neatly stacked were scattered all over the floor.  His piggy bank in which he’d put most of his pocket money had been smashed and left lying in pieces on the floor.  But the worst thing of all was that his rugby ball the one signed by Jonah Lomu was gone, Rawiri sat down and cried.

Hokule'a Animation

This term, I have been doing a animation. This animation is about the hokulea waka drifting pass the beach of Point England. Yesterday, the wonderful people of the hokule'a and hikianalia came to the shores of Point England beach. So we had to do a assignment which is to draw a waka drifting pass the beach.

Friday, 20 March 2015


In the polyfest, the three things that I liked about polyfest was the Cultural stages. My favourite of them all are the Samoan stage. Simply because of my culture.

My second thing I like about Polyfest is..... the food. At polyfest there are over 20 stalls of food at polyfest. My favourite of them all are the pineapple ice cream and the chopsuey.

Last thing is the family. I really like polyfest because its a place where families have fun and enjoy the dances.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Visual Mihi

For the beginning of the term, we have to make a visual mihi. As you can see you can find my face in the middle. Top right corner is my culture, my culture religious, an NRL rugby ball and my favourite rugby league team, 'Roosters'. Hope You Enjoy !

Monday, 9 March 2015

It Says - I say - And So....

It Says – I Say – And So…


The following graphic organizer helps you to find information in a text and put it together with what you already know to come up with a complete answer.

It says...
I say...
Which of the girls is the most adventurous?

Taking chances like that was a real Hazel thing to do.

People who takes chances are  more adventurous
Hazel is the most adventurous.
What were the girls feeling inside the butchers.

The girls yelped and grabbed each other, They stood still, hearts thudding, not making a sound.
People who grab each other, stand still, hearts beating and people not making sound are scared.
Therefore both of the girls are scared
Do you think the cat was a wild cat?

But there on the counter was a cat, pacing up and down, purring.
A wild cat won’t be purring and pacing up and down.
Therefore it is not a wild cat.
Why did Louisa smile.

She must have gone straight home, without flipping coins this time. For the first time all afternoon, Louisa Smiled
Because of how Hazel got scared and we thought she was more adventurous.
So she smiled because of how Hazel got scared