Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Leeeric And Francis

One unusual day a very sad and poor person named Francis. He was a smart boy especially at writing and reading because his reading age when he was 10 years was 11.5 and his writing was 11.5. He wanted to be an explorer and wanted to meet his favourite pop star Leeeric. Francis loves chop suey especially made by his auntie. He also likes soccer because of his friend Lee. Lee and Francis always has a competition who kicks further and Francis always wins. His favourite teacher is Mr Somerville.

Then next day Francis woke up and felt very tired and wanted stay home. Then his family goes shopping but he stays home all by his self. Then all sudden he hears a very strange noise and when he went to the setting room it was the police. “KNOCK KNOCK” said the Police, “ Who’s there” said Francis. He opened the door and the police said “Can you come with me”, then he said “Okay”. Then he took him to a private jet plane. Then all sudden the oil gets out of fuel. Luckily they had parachutes so they opened the door and took the parachutes then they jumped out of the jet plane and nearly died.
But then superman came and saved them two and took them to land. And then superman took Francis to a secret hiding place and Leeeric was there. Francis said to Leeeric “Can I have a autograph please”, “Okay” replied Leeeric. Then he took a picture of him and Leeeric. But when Leeeric pinched him he woke up.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Red & Yellow - Counters in the bag

Today we have been try to guess find out how many red and yellow counters are in a bag. We knew there were 5 in there but not how many of each. So we recorded what our teacher was pulling out of the bag each time. We did 50 draws and recorded our results.

This is the pie chart of our results from the 50 draws. We predicted that there were 3 yellow and 2 red counters in the bag and we were 70% certain. We were correct

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

How To Get A Try

How to get a try

List of materials:
Try Line

Step 1. Hold the ball tightly that it doesn't knock on
Step 2. Sprint and step
Step 3. Then its up-to you to dive or just put in it  on the try line(I suggest to just put it on the try line)
Step 4. Then you jump
Step 5. Then come down slowly
Step 6. And then pass you the try line
Step 7. Then you slide
Step 8. After you get you try you do a taunt.

How To Stand On A Chair Step By Step Guide


                              How to stand on a chair

List of materials:             
  • Chair
  • Brain
  • Leg
  • Person
  • Ground

Step 1. You need a chair
Step 2. Put your right hand on the chair (If you're on the right side).
Step 3. Choose what foot you wanna put on first
Step 4. Put all your weight onto the other leg
Step 5. Lift it up
Step 6. Move your foot forward
Step 7. Put your foot on the chair.
Step 8. Lift up the other leg
Step 9. Then put all the other weight onto the other foot
Step 10. Move it forward
Step 11. Put it on the chair
Step 12. Once you put both feet on the chair you bend your feet
Step 13. Stand up
Step 14. Then you stand up properly.
Step 15. Then you get off the chair and then dance

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Dragon Machine

One rainy` day there was a boy named George he was very unnoticed because he was looking out the window and he saw dragons flying.

And then he saw the dragons on the telephone wire and in the dust pin. Then he was feeding the dragons and taking care of him. After that he went to other places and he was cleaning all of the footprints and saying sorry for breaking everything but it wasn't his fault.

Next he went to the library and he saw a map where he can find the dragon machine on a stranded island. He hammered the nails and there was a tail, head and other body parts. Then he went inside the dragon machine and all the dragons followed him and then the dragon machine broke.

The next morning he woke up and the dragons was gone. And there was emptiness in him and should be at home. His mother and his dad was looking for him and then they found him and took back home and had a cake for his return and had a dog or was it?. But all that time it was a dream.

Monday, 10 June 2013


I was telling my friends about Minecraft. This is what I told them.
There’s this game that I always play at home. That is Minecraft. Its a building game. I like it because you can create houses, and you can craft things. You can also cook stuff like chicken but first you have to go mining, as only then you can make a furnace, but then to get cooked chicken you need to kill a chicken. Or you can type up this /gamemode 1, then get chicken and then type this up /gamemode 0, so you don’t have to kill.

Minecraft is kind of fake, because everything is pixelated.  And diamonds are not stronger than gold. In real life, gold swords look kind of ugly.

The things that I like to craft is a pickaxe and a enchantment table. With a enchantment table you can make your armor and weapon stronger. But you need xp (experience) to enchant it. To get experience, you need to either kill things, or get things by mining. If you have no xp when your enchanting, then you can’t enchant ANYTHING. If you have a LOT of xp and you enchant, then you can get an enchanted diamond sword, and the sword is enchanted to Bane Of Arthropods or Fire Aspect, which sets any creature you hit on fire for 5 seconds.

There are also Achievements, for the people that want to get the best things.

I want to be like Etho and CaptainSparklez because they some of the best Minecraft players. They can survive for a long time even if the game difficulty is hard.

There is three things you could play on Minecraft. Creative, survival, and adventure mode. You can get mods. Mods are things that you can’t get in normal Minecraft. One of them is where there are too many items.

You can get texture packs. A texture pack changes the looks of Minecraft. You can also get skins. Skins are when you can look like anything. Even a CIA creeper, or Finn from Adventure Time!

If you want to finish Minecraft, you have to go the End where the EnderDragon is. To get to that stage, you first need to go to the Nether, and kill a blaze, and get a blaze rod. Then you leave the Nether and kill an Enderman. When the Enderman is killed, you should get an Ender Pearl. Once that is done, you craft blaze powder with the blaze rod, and craft an Eye Of Ender with the Ender Pearl, and the blaze powder.

Then you use the Eye Of Ender to find the End portal. By using your It is underground, in caves, so if the difficulty is Easy, Normal, or Hard, you’ll have to fight off Zombies, Spiders, Skeletons, and Creepers.

When you find it, you put the Eye Of Ender all around the portal. Then when it shows a dark thing, you enter it, and go to the End.

Minecraft is kind of boring, but I got use to playing it. I only play it when I’m bored and I have nothing else to do. Minecraft is one of the best games in the world. The creator of Minecraft is Notch. His real is Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten.

Confident Scientist

One day a scientist named Damien decides to go to Antarctica. He was a very old man, he wanted to know if the weather is fine or the penguins are having their fish. He flew to antarctica with the Google crew,(Over The Pond) and it was dark winter. Then he decided to go back but it was too dangerous. So he decided just to land, when he landed he saw millions of penguins hugging together. He felt very sad for the penguin on the outside because it was very very cold but lucky they have blubber and they get to move up into the middle and then back out again.

After that he was walking very slow in the snow because it was like a nightmare. It looked like a sandstorm but it was a blizzard. Then he falls down a couple times and it took for ages for him to get back up because the blizzard was blowing him down. Afterwards he got struck by lightning about thirty times and fell ten times. After it was foggy, and suddenly an orca jumps out of the water, and tries to eat him and the Google crew, Then, Damien pulls out his spear, and stabs the orca. He then makes a blubber suit.

The next day Damien wakes all covered with snow. After that he was wondering how he was covered with snow, but luckily the Google crew had taken the video while he was sleeping. So they showed him the video and it was shocking because the ice spikes landed on his head and then fainted and went to sleep. So Damien

went by him self to find the hens(Mother Penguins).

It took ages for him to find the hens but there was nothing, in a sudden the suns up and he hears a rush of penguins coming to him. So Damien bumps them off but there was too many penguins so he decided just to get rushed over and die. Then he wakes up and thinks he's in a dream so he pinched himself but it did not work, so he said "Yaay!!!!" "Im alive Im alive”. After that the Google crew came and saw the penguins so happy and ready to go hunting. Than 5 years later Damien died with his son Sebastian.

But the Google crew was okay until the end of the world.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Seals DLO


Hi this is my DLO that I did with my friends. It is a presentation so I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Educreation Fraction

Hi guys please leave some feedback if I get it wrong.