Thursday, 12 February 2015

Beginning Sentence Correcction

Beginning Sentence Correction 1

Directions: Correct the errors in the following sentences. Be sure to rewrite the sentence just like the example.

Example: I are very happy.  
I am very happy.

1. Candy taste sweet.  
Candy tastes sweet.
2. I gonna get a new cat.
In going to get a new cat
3. she like dogs.  are u sure
She likes dogs. Are u sure
4. Me favorite color is red.  
My favourite color is red.
5. I  happy now.  
Im happy now
6. What time it is?  
What is it ?
7.  My head hurt.
My head hurts.
8. When we gonna eat?
When are we going to eat ?
9. He don’t like vegetables.
He doesn't like vegetables
10. Me favorite color are blue.
My favorite colour is blue
11. she does her homework every night.
She does her homework every night.
12. I leaving now.
I’m leaving now.
13.  I go now.
I going now.
14. I want three egg.
I want three eggs.
15. We are learning english.
we are learning English.
16. I have too cats
I have two cats.
17. You chair is red.
Your chair is red
18. I no have time. I have no time.

6 Current Thinking Hats

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My Trip To Samoa

For this year our theme is Matapono, so why not start the year writing about our holiday.

WIthout hesitation I leaped out bed and raced to the bathroom trying to beat my siblings. As I twisted the handle of the shower, I hanged up my towel and took of my clothes. As I put my foot inside the bath, I was excited that today is when my family goes back to Samoa.

When I hopped out, I grabbed my towel and dried myself after I finished drying myself, I wrapped myself around my waist and rapidly went to  my room. When I into my room, my mum had already found my clothes. I grabbed my underwear and put them on. After that I snatched my brown chinos and I also put them on. I grabbed both my shirt and vest put them on.

After I finished doing my clothes, hair and my shoes, I had to wait my family to finish getting dressed. While they were getting dressed, I was watching a whole heap of cartoons such as Regular Show, Adventure Time and Mickey Mouse because my little brother was crying to watch it.

When my family finished changing, we went outside and there two cars, my cousin and my uncles and aunties. I went in my uncle’s car because it was bigger. Once we arrived at the airport, we were looking at what time we were going to go. After we finished looking at what time we we’re going, we went to check our bags and our passports.

After that was all finished, we walked up the stairs and waited until the call. Once they announced the flight, we said bye and hugged. When we went inside, we waited for a long line. Once I got onto the plane, I was so excited to go to SAMOA.

Goal Setting


S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Achievable
R - Realistic/Relevant
T - Timely - Bound - Deadline

  • 5 Week Goal
  • Term Goal
  • Year Goal

My 5 Week Goal is to try and lose 2.5 KGS.

My Term Goal is to Move up a level in Reading.

My Year goal is to try and play all the sports this year since its my last year at Point England.

The 3 P's