Friday, 22 August 2014

Life Education Trust

Last week was our final session at the life education caravan. The life education caravan is a foundation that assists children with the comprehension to make educated solutions. The purpose of the life education caravan is to assist adolescents to digest about the brain, body and your tough decisions. Harold travels around the entire of New Zealand. Our tutor was Lynn. Lynn helps to be future focused and get to our full potential.

We learnt that in life there are difficult options. Strenuous choices can lead to severe consequences. If you select your friends by following them and escaping by drinking alcohol and use operate drugs. Even if you had to drink alcohol and use drugs it’s against the law. Swallowing liquor will affect people around you like your teacher, friends, families and other people. Having beer and spirits daily will slow down your neurons and you will hallucinate and perish.

Class 3 also learnt about selecting clever decisions. Lynn also taught us that people choose drugs, not drugs choose people. People chose drugs to escape and join their friends. When we were in the caravan, there were people that used drugs under 18 years of age, Those peeps used drugs when there were 13, 17, 15 and 14. Their names were Amy, Jason and Malcom. If we choose our decisions wisely we will reach the ladder of puberty and reach our full potential.

Your intelligence will go slower and you will alter throughout your life. You won’t remember anything, its like you’ve been brainwashed. When you drink spirits you’d like it then your want it. After a day you’ll need it and next day you will crave it. Several days you’ll be a drug addict. And the more you’ll have it the more you become dumber. Its like you’re stopping at the traffic lights but then the red light goes on and you will be like, “Hey!, I was supposed to stop at the traffic lights.” Then your crash and die.

The Life Education sessions were extremely valuable.

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Life Education Trust

This term, we have been participating in the Life Education. Our teacher that has been teaching us was Lynn. We have been learning about alcohol and the body. Class three has learnt a lot of stuff when we grow up like don’t drink in the teenage because it slows down your memory and you can hallucinate and die. We would like to thank Lynn and Harold for this lovely adventure. We hope to see them again next year.