Friday, 17 August 2012


On a hot beutifull day room fifteen and Mr Marks had been doing sausages.
The first thing we had to do was chop the onions. When we were doing the onions Anthony said “ I can handle the onions” So he tryed and tryed but he cried so he put some water on his eyes. Then it was my turn to chop the onions it was fun and exciting. I’ll try and handle the onions. It was hard. My eyes got burnt so I gave up. It was hard to cut the onions into half. Cut rings but sometimes I cry.

After we had to grill the sausages and the onions from the mad butcher. It costs $1 for sausage but I had $2 So Mr.Marks have to give me dollar change. It was sizzling and stack of logs. Mr.Marks keep rotating the sausages to make sure that the sausages don't get burnt. The onions was cooked too.

We waited in impatient anticipation. We were sitting there quiet and silent. Mr.Marks said to us “ Come and get your sausages if you have payed.

Finally we had to eat the delicious sausages the first was to get the bread then the sausage, onions and the squeezy sauce. It was delightful and crunchy. The sausages was wrapped in his blanket and it was scrumptious.All the crumbs fell down on the hard concrete.

It was yummy!!! My favourite part of the sausages was the onions and the tomato sauce.


Anonymous said...

I liked your puncution from flynn

Mr Marks said...

Great work Faaiua. Really happy to see that you have included a conclusion and that your paragraphs are about one main idea. Well done. Did you and Vaifoa draw the picture together?

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