Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Term 4 Is Here!!!

Can you believe it!! Term 4 is here. We kicked off the term with our topic......‘Survivor.’ I wondered what is Survivor?

Today, in immersion assembly, Mr Burt shared with us a new word called adaptation. Adaptation is changing yourself into the environment. He also showed us a short film about a fiapoko parrot not adapting to this world. I felt drowsy because I wasn't used to waking up early.

First teams 1-4 did their items. Then it was team 5’s item. They had a competition about who can eat noodles the quickest with chopsticks. They all rapidly picked up the plate and ate.

At the end, Miss Clark was victorious because she’s been using chopsticks since she was three years old. But Miss Ingrim used forks in London and Miss Hockly used forks as well but when she moved to Japan she had to adapt and use chopsticks. They also surprised us with artworks of superheroes.

Finally when the immersion assembly ended. I had a clearer vision of what we are going to learn this term.