Monday, 28 July 2014

Blues VS Chiefs. Holiday Recount

Rapidly I ran to the room to put my clothes on. I rummaged into my bag and found an all blacks T-Shirt and found an black long shorts. I put them on and I looked flawless. When I run into the bathroom, my mum shouts “Hurry up, we are going to be late.” I quickly combed my hair and run out fast.

Once I get in the car my mum says “We are going to watch Blues VS Chiefs.” “YES!!” I shouted. When I heard out that it was just me, mum and my brother that was going I was excited. When I gazed at the clock it was 6:05 and the games starts at 7:00. When we got to the train station it was a very bad weather. I got the umbrella and ran to the train.

After 15 minutes later we get to Eden Park and the game has already started. When we go to check in. I ran to our seats. Lucky we were under the shelter. 60 minutes later the score was close it was 8-11. Chiefs were winning. Once the clock hit 80:00. The hooter rang. Once it was finished the final score was 8-11. We rapidly run to train station before anyone gets there first. Next we went to the KFC and had a feed. Then we went home and watched the voice Australia.

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