Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Melting beach

Once upon a time there were two big strong strangers on a beach in Samoa. They were out for a very long time on the beach. If they stayed there even longer they might have melted.

“I know they will melt” I said. They tried to stay there for a very long time but they couldn't. When they reached in their pockets they had no phones because it had been stolen.

So they went in the water to make themselves cold and cool. Some water was all mixed around his body. So they told someone to use their phone please. So they  gave their phones to them and called the doctors to come and take them to the hospital. When they got their they were dieing just in five hours.

In the last minute they nearly died but luckily they made it just in time. After that day they never went to the beach ever again. They lived happily ever

Friday, 21 September 2012

My Family

My name is Faaiua I am the second oldest in my siblings. My sister named Brandy she is in college and she is year nine. My sister’s name is Pisirina she is year one. My youngest is two years old he is my favourite because he is cute and he is a boy. My Mum is smart she is very very cool and she is thirty five years. My dad is a builder he is very strong he is thirty five. They are the best family in the world the only thing I want is my family.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Moving In

On Friday my auntie Line and my cousin piula are come from samoa here to live because Piula’s brother is moving to australia to live there. So Piula is going to live here but my auntie is going to live here for about two or one or three or more weeks. It is going to be cool because my auntie LIne is kind and Piula is kind too. I hope my other cousin looks after himself when he’s gone to australia. But luckily my uncle lives there.