Friday, 25 May 2012

Faaiua- Could creatures live with out rain

If rain doesn't come down the sea creatures will remain alive but the creatures in land would not survive when theres no rain. If there's no water or rain people will die with no water for our oxygen

The world won't live without plants and animals will die. The animals can’t live with areas to live and either plants can’t grow with the rain. The desserts needs water and rain for the dry plants.

We need some rain for the animals because  they might die and not survive. The plants needs supplies to get water or rain so they could grow big.We had to survive with water to drink and stay alive. without rain we won’t grow crops or vegetables.

people needs a house to live and get water from their taps. Some people gets angry when it rains but it helps things grow and live. Farmers has cows and sheeps to get milk and blankets. But some people were really happy of the rain so the crops can grow and people can drink. The city needs water to drink when they're at work. But some city gets really happy when it rains. There dams needs to keep full so there is enough water to drink.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Jackson Pollock

Paul Jackson pollock is a French men he is  married to a Lady called Lee Krasner and he lived in New York. He was a very special man because he was a painter who flicked his paints, dripped paints and he used his imagination.

He was born on 28 January 1912 Cody Wyoming . He died on 11 August 1956. He died at Springs, New York because he had a car
crash . He died at 44 years of age “ That was too young”.

Jackson Pollock was always messy and  because of that he was a very fantastic painter. He splatter the paint use multiple colours, vibrant colours and He used a waste of a paint. His paint was beautiful, sticky and icky it looked funny. He sells his paintings it costs lots of money “he must be rich I reckon”

So my wonderful class made a undefinable paint we taped our A3 paper on our cardboard we went outside and we saw the vibrant colours it felt like chaotic mess we flicked, dribbled, splattered and I flicked my paint over my shoulder went on someone else’s paint.                     

Friday, 18 May 2012

Cartoon Animals


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Faaiua's swimming lesson's

 On a beautiful hot day Room Fifteen had swimming at the YMCA Pools. We got changed quickly into our togs in the toilets and we lined up and went off. When we  got there we could smell the the deep blue water. then we went and had a Rinse.

The lovely instructor Ben said “Who knows how to come in the water safely”. We patiently waited because we didn't know how to do it.  so Taniela put his hand up he turned around then went inside the water safely and Quietly.

all the student in that Group copied him. then Ben said “ put your bottoms on the wall” because we are going to have a breathing competition. I came last but I didn't care. Meleane won and she had to go first in our swimming lesson. It was nearly my turn so I had a big breath and went off  to the island. I couldn't breath so I put my head up and had a small breath then I went at the back of the line again .

Finally The Instructor Ben said “Last one out is the rotten egg”. When I arrived at the showers I  had one because we need to get all of the chlorine off . I went to the toilets to get changed into my uniform and after that we walked back to school and had our lunch.

It was so cool there, even though I came last we had fun!!!   

Friday, 4 May 2012

Swimming lessons

Hi my name Faaiua that was me swimming at the G.I pools I couldn't breath under the water when I was swimming.