Monday, 10 June 2013


I was telling my friends about Minecraft. This is what I told them.
There’s this game that I always play at home. That is Minecraft. Its a building game. I like it because you can create houses, and you can craft things. You can also cook stuff like chicken but first you have to go mining, as only then you can make a furnace, but then to get cooked chicken you need to kill a chicken. Or you can type up this /gamemode 1, then get chicken and then type this up /gamemode 0, so you don’t have to kill.

Minecraft is kind of fake, because everything is pixelated.  And diamonds are not stronger than gold. In real life, gold swords look kind of ugly.

The things that I like to craft is a pickaxe and a enchantment table. With a enchantment table you can make your armor and weapon stronger. But you need xp (experience) to enchant it. To get experience, you need to either kill things, or get things by mining. If you have no xp when your enchanting, then you can’t enchant ANYTHING. If you have a LOT of xp and you enchant, then you can get an enchanted diamond sword, and the sword is enchanted to Bane Of Arthropods or Fire Aspect, which sets any creature you hit on fire for 5 seconds.

There are also Achievements, for the people that want to get the best things.

I want to be like Etho and CaptainSparklez because they some of the best Minecraft players. They can survive for a long time even if the game difficulty is hard.

There is three things you could play on Minecraft. Creative, survival, and adventure mode. You can get mods. Mods are things that you can’t get in normal Minecraft. One of them is where there are too many items.

You can get texture packs. A texture pack changes the looks of Minecraft. You can also get skins. Skins are when you can look like anything. Even a CIA creeper, or Finn from Adventure Time!

If you want to finish Minecraft, you have to go the End where the EnderDragon is. To get to that stage, you first need to go to the Nether, and kill a blaze, and get a blaze rod. Then you leave the Nether and kill an Enderman. When the Enderman is killed, you should get an Ender Pearl. Once that is done, you craft blaze powder with the blaze rod, and craft an Eye Of Ender with the Ender Pearl, and the blaze powder.

Then you use the Eye Of Ender to find the End portal. By using your It is underground, in caves, so if the difficulty is Easy, Normal, or Hard, you’ll have to fight off Zombies, Spiders, Skeletons, and Creepers.

When you find it, you put the Eye Of Ender all around the portal. Then when it shows a dark thing, you enter it, and go to the End.

Minecraft is kind of boring, but I got use to playing it. I only play it when I’m bored and I have nothing else to do. Minecraft is one of the best games in the world. The creator of Minecraft is Notch. His real is Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten.


mum said...

My dear son, you need to do some school work and stop playing minecraft.

Antonia said...

Hi faaiua

I wish I could play mindcraft on my netbook Iv'e seen emmy play it is so cool.

From Antonia

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