Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Smart Values - Making Links

These are the three P's. In Point England, this what our school motto's are. This what the three P's mean when your online.

Friday, 22 May 2015

My World War 1 Chant

Me, Jordan, Iisa, Rebekah and Rave made this chant
Left, Left, Left Right Left, Left, Left, Left Right Left, Left, Left, Left Right Left!

In 1914
People were fighting
Men were sad, Some were glad. People were also mad.   
Bayonets, Bullets and torches
were also used in their marches
Shooting, crying, saving lives, was the rest of my life. Finally, I am back home, here in my safe zone.

This is the end of the chant,

Next time will you chant with us?

Equipments In World War 1

In world war 1, there were equipments which helped them to victory. Some equipments weren't just used for fighting in battle. Some was for having showers, food and more. We had to research equipments that helped them fight. This what we done in Zeal Zone

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Mr Burt WW1 Explanation

Today, Mr Burt came to talk about the technology in WW1. He was talking about if technology is good or bad. He was also talking about how his grandfather and Mrs Flavelle's grandfather were in the war. His grandfather was the first ever to have a normal bicycle. There four words that spell MAIN. He only talked about M, which is Militarism. 

Militarism  is when, for an example. When there is two kids in the playground and they're both hitting each other. They start to push each other and talk badly to each other. That is what Militarism means. Germany and the British used lots and lots of money to buy technologies such as Ships, Planes and Tanks. They wasted lots and lots of money just to trying to beat each other
There was one ship called the dreadnought that the Germans made. Then New Zealand made a plane that had a machine gun at the top, soon after the Germans made a plane that can turn very sharply. Then they made a tank. 3 months after the Germans a big tall silly tank. It was big and heavy but it was so slow.  

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

ANZAC Memorial - World War 1

Every year there is a event on the 25th of April(ANZAC Day). This is a special year because it's been 100 years since the world war 1. It is all about the soldiers who fought for our country.  At the front of the museum there is a big stone which is called Cenotaph. ‘Lest we forget’. ANZAC is an acronym, ANZAC is short for Australia, New Zealand, Army, Corps.

As I sat and pondered about the soldiers who fought in the war.
It must’ve been a lot of yelling, screaming, shooting, blood, death, panicking and a lot bravery. While I was looking out on the small field which had thirty crosses on them. It was quite emotional because there was a lot of people who sacrificed their lives for our country.

Its a travesty to see your dad or a friend to die in battle and its bit harsh to see kids out a dad. I would be miserable and grateful if my great great great grandparents were in the war because I would be sad because he might’ve died in the war and I would be grateful for sacrificing his life for us. I felt a little shocked because of all those distraught families who were waiting for five years.

Friday, 8 May 2015

We'll Meet Again, Zeal Zone

Today for Zeal Zone I was In Music. I learnt a new song called We'll Meet Again. This song is a very old song. The similarties from this song and from the olden day songs is such a change. I would like to thank Mr Slade for teaching us this song. We are going to sing two songs which are We'll Meet Again and Its A Long To Tipperary.

Friday, 1 May 2015

My Symbol For ANZAC

For remembrance day, we had to research symbols to commemorate the people who have died in war. This design is about balance. The reason I chose balance for my symbol is all the people who died. So, all the people who died and fought for our country, we will miss them all the same.