Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bowling And Laser Strike

On the holidays my family went to go bowling and play laser strike. We drove to the bowling and laser strike area. When we went inside and it was colourful, as there were a lot of people bowling. We went to the counter to register, and then we went to the bowling alley. Our time to go was 3:30, but we came at 3:15. The time for my family to go laser strike was 4:20.

It was boys vs girls. The first person to bowl in the boys team was my little brother Jordan. He was only 3, but he came 2nd because he had ducks. Ducks were the things on the side that will come up, and stop the bowling ball going to the side. I came last and my little sister won with a score of 192.

Finally, was laser strike. I was the best at it, because I am good at shooting. We were screaming in horror, as it was dark. It was tiring because we had to run, ,sprint and sometimes crawl. In the first 5 minutes I had 1,000 points. It was dark, but there were songs playing. I cheated, because I found a secret place. At the end my score was 2,534.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Minecraft For Dummies

This is a presentation about Minecraft that me and the experts in my team made. It took some days to make it. We searched and searched and drew some pictures. Every Friday on term 2 we played minecraft with the year 5's and 6's and sometimes the teachers.. Some of the people were beginners but they were quite good at building. Most people build there house's with ores but ores are used to get mined.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Mr S

Mr S is cool and awesome. He plays us music and shows us movies. He is funny. Mr S likes to computers, he is like a expert of computers. His best friends are: Mr Marks and Mr Barks. He has curly short hair. He sometimes lets us go on learning activities. This is my highlight because maybe next term I might not be in his literacy class but I might go in his maths class.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Wave 3

One early morning at 3:00 Ben got ready to go to school. He brushed his teeth, brushed his hair,did his uniform and then did his shoes. He went to school and he was the first one there. While he was waiting he felt a very strange noise, it was loud and weird. When he looked up there was nothing then he looked right and left. When he looked down there was clay solders and marshmallow soldiers having war. The Marshmallow king said “You're never gonna get us with your ugly clay,” and the clay soldier said “ You’re never going to take us alive”. They had a war and in the end there was no one alive, Ben had free marshmallows and free clay to make bricks.

Then he heard explosions, it was loud and then he turned on his x-ray vision and looked down and there was an underground war. When he looked down it was two little boys shooting bazookas and throwing grenades at each other. It was like spy vs spy. They were scientists because they were wearing coats and they had glasses and they had crazy hair. He jumped and fell a couple times and then it all went quiet. And then BOOM!!!. But luckily nothing didn't blow up only the underground  and the two boys.

Next he was shivering. Then he was laughing because there was a very big black thing on his leg and it was a big tarantula. It bit him good and made him stuck because of his spider webs but luckily he had a pencil to cut it. The tarantula was ugly and hairy. Ben was scared but luckily the sun went up and it burnt the tarantula then all the teachers came and all the children came and Ben survived 3 waves and did not die at all. And that day Ben never came to school earlier than the teachers.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Tiki's & Aka's

Iisa, Faaiua, Vaifoa, Lee Te Reo Maori from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This is our intro for the Te Arohtia te reo competition. I worked with Iisa,Vaifoa and Lee. It was fun doing a DLO. We have made our own maori board game called Tiki's & Aka's. I hope we win the competition because if we win we get free pizza!!!. I hope you enjoy

Monday, 8 July 2013

My Small Funeral

On Saturday I was going to feed my fish and went I  went to the fishbowl and I thought that my pet wasn’t moving but when I shook the bowl it didn't move and I screamed “NO!!!”, and my sister said “What happened”, “He died” said Faaiua, “Who died” said my sister Brandy, “ Fana the fish”. My sister went upto the fish and called my cousin Stacy. Stacy was the one that bought the fish for my little brother Jordan. We were so patiently waiting for my Stacy.

Then finally Stacy came we had a funeral but first we had to look for a song. It was very hard to look for it but then we had a vote and we had to do amazing Grace. We toilet and started the funeral and we also did the song. Stacy had to say a short prayer and I said “Bye Fana”. My little sister Pisirina cried. Stacy put the fish in the toilet and she flushed it down. Me and my sister said “NO!!!”. Then that was day not to ever overfeed the fish.


Today Kris and Byron was playing rock paper scissors. I was the recorder and it was a very tight game because Kris won by 6 points. It was more likely that Kris wins.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Kelly Tarltons Aquarium

One beautiful day, Team 4 went to Kelly Tarltons Aquarium. Everyone said “ That was awesome”. It was awesome because this was the first trip that we have to take our net books. First we had to go on the bus, it took a while. Me and Sebastian was playing yellow car on the way. Yellow car is a game this is how you play yellow car. If you see a yellow car you have to call out a were the car is and punch them quickly before he punches you. But if you trick them that you see a yellow car you get to punch them. But sadly me and Sebastian did not find any yellow cars. We were there and it looked small in the beginning.

Room 16 and room 13 was the first to go inside Kelly Tarltons. I had to go for a walk with my class then we went to the playground it was fun. There was a firefox but I didn't have a chance to go on because I was playing with Lee,Sebastian Jordan S and Taniela. I had to push it round and round I kept slipping because it was very slippery and I was the only one that had to push it because they said “ Faaiua you push it”. But then Vaifoa came and helped me. They were screaming like girls having a cat fight. Then finally we had to go to Kelly Tarltons.
When we got there we had take pictures in our groups. Then we had to go through optical illusion, it made me dizzy. After that we had look at the penguins streamlining through the water. It was gentoos penguins and the king penguins. King penguins are fat and lazy, gentoo penguins are kind and the third tallest penguins. Then we saw penguins sign languaging, one penguin was shaking his and the other penguin was shaking his head NO!!!! and the king penguin was like over there over there then they went to the spot that he was looking at.
Next we went down the stairs and there were little fish, stingrays,Massive fish and some facts about sharks, turtles and nemo. Next we went to where the sharks are and where the crayfish were and also colo four fish!!!!. There were the great white shark, carpet shark and even the baby shark. We saw Mr Krabs and squidward but not spongebob. Then we had to eat our morning tea and Janice told us all about antarctica. Joseph and Lucy had to dress up like a real man or woman will dress like to go to antarctica. Then we went around the whole of Kelly Tarltons and then went to the bus and went back to school and it was lunchtime.