Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Faaiua's swimming lesson's

 On a beautiful hot day Room Fifteen had swimming at the YMCA Pools. We got changed quickly into our togs in the toilets and we lined up and went off. When we  got there we could smell the the deep blue water. then we went and had a Rinse.

The lovely instructor Ben said “Who knows how to come in the water safely”. We patiently waited because we didn't know how to do it.  so Taniela put his hand up he turned around then went inside the water safely and Quietly.

all the student in that Group copied him. then Ben said “ put your bottoms on the wall” because we are going to have a breathing competition. I came last but I didn't care. Meleane won and she had to go first in our swimming lesson. It was nearly my turn so I had a big breath and went off  to the island. I couldn't breath so I put my head up and had a small breath then I went at the back of the line again .

Finally The Instructor Ben said “Last one out is the rotten egg”. When I arrived at the showers I  had one because we need to get all of the chlorine off . I went to the toilets to get changed into my uniform and after that we walked back to school and had our lunch.

It was so cool there, even though I came last we had fun!!!   


vaifoa said...

Hi Faaiua

your story is wonderful. I can see you using speeches on one of your sentences it makes a good story and makes sense with it. Was it fun in the pool or just ordinary.

Faaiua said...

It was Fun

Lukis L said...

Hi Faaiua your work was fantastic you never had a single mistake. You used juicey writing

Texas D said...

Hi Faaiua,
your work was fantastic you never had a single mistake.Did you know what Mr Marks say"s that's
juicey writing.Keep up the great work.

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