Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Our School Picnic


Last Friday the whole Pt England school went to the Pt.England Reserve. We walked across the Reserve and the playground and we sat down on wet grass.  

Mr Burt told us some rules. If you have no food or water Mrs Slade and Miss Lagitupu have some. We looked for a spot to sit  on our tarpaulin.  Then we went to play.

We played touch its like football touch but its  football. It was cool. We were playing with Mr Marks and Mr Barks. I got a touchdown that means a score.

After that we had a rest because we had to swim. We went to change our clothes quickly before we went to swim. It was awesome I played with Henry and Vaifoa. Then it was time to change our clothes again so we went to the changing room and had a shower.

After that I changed my clothes but I lost my pants. I told my teacher and he said " Have you checked again” and I said “yes" . So I had to wear my pants that I swam with because it couldn’t get dry.

I played Baseball. It was fun playing baseball. It was time to go back to school where we had free time on our Net-books before we had to go home.


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My Sentences

`1.The strange ball disappeared successfully.

2.The filthy car worked carelessly.

3.The strange and filthy car disappeared at work.

Finding a Image

. Go to google search and you type in Dogs

2. Select Images

3. I clicked on cogwheel and then selected on advance search

4. select  Usage rights Only images labeled for reuse. Now select Search Images.


Sunday, 19 February 2012