Thursday, 29 November 2012

Sand Flies

We have been reading about Sand Flies for our reading this week.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Swimming Pools

Rooms fifteen, sixteen and seventeen went to the swimming pools every day.  We changed as fast as we could and I was the first one to get changed into my togs. When I stepped inside the gate of the swimming pools I could smell the strong chlorine.  

Mr. Somerville said to check our feet because it might be dirty or muddy. We all said “Nope”.  We all stepped in at once, “So cold.” Said Lee.
But I said “Nah its not cold”. We all took a deep breath and went under the water.

Mr. S said “Everyone we are going play a game boys go to the right side girls go to the left.” Once we we got to the other side, Mr. S threw the ball we all swam splashing furiously to the ball. “Yeah!” shouted the girls. Finally it was ten all, Mr. S said “First one to eleven is the winner.”  Mr. S threw the ball in the air, it hit the water and all the girls and boys were so excited because they didn’t know who’d got the tennis ball. “No!” shouted Anthony.  

The girls told us to dougie out of the pools for twenty seconds. So all the boys got out of the pool and dougie’d for twenty seconds. Finally we had to get changed and we all ran to the toilets as fast as we could. I changed into my uniform and I was dry and clean. We waited a while because other people were still changing in the toilets. After swimming we all went to have our morning tea.

Thanks to Mr. Hutchings for editing my draft.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Hulk Smash

Hi its Faaiua here. My favourite super hero is hulk smash because he is strong and green my favourite colour is green.

Friday, 9 November 2012

The Bleeding Stunt

One sunny day  there was free runners, free runners will always try to jump to the wall to the other. They lived in a cottage a very very small cottage. there names were Jordan and Henry, They are very small but tall.

Jordan jumped and done a front flip high in the air, “Wow” said henry. henry jumped and tried to do a stunt but when he got to the other wall he was bleeding like a raspberry drink tipped into the the ground. “Ahhh" said henry with pain.

Jordan ran as fast as he could to Henry. Henry said “ call nine one one one.Jordan ran to the cottage and got the phone and called the ambulance. The ambulance and the police came as fast as they could.

Finally the ambulance came the doctors came and checked on him as fast as he could. The doctors lifted him into the cot. Jordan was relieved that Henry didn't die. A week after the bleeding stunt henry was fine.

Henry and Jordan didn’t  freerunning that day forward.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Ugly zombies

One scary night there was a king called faaiua. The country where he lived was europe. But in that country there was zombies, the zombies was so so hungry. But there was a mummy that came to save all the people but the zombies were to strong.

but the problem was that the people was to scared to fight with the zombies because they were ugly and freaky, The people had no guns and no swords to kill the zombies. The zombies was coming closer and closer to the people. “AAAAAH”shouted tame.
Tame was the slave of king Faaiua, Faaiua wasn't scared of anything because his friends, Henry,Vaifoa and Lukis. So all the friends went freaky zombies, Faaiua had a rope for choking the freaky zombies, Lukis got some rocks to throw at the ugly zombies, Henry had slingshot to shoot at the scary zombies and Vaifoa had a stick to hit the zombies. All the zombies were dieing, Vaifoa got the stick and hit the ugly zombies. Lukis got all the rocks and threw it to the ugly zombies. Henry shot the zombies with his slingshot, “aaaw” said the zombies. Finally king had got his rope “ Yes” said faaiua because he choked the zombies.

Faaiua and his country lived happily ever after