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More Than A Mountaineer. Reading Journal Activity

School Journal Part 3, Number 3. 2003
More than a mountaineer by Bill O’Brien.

WALT:Gather, sort, summarise, present information

Success Criteria:
I can gather information in the text sort the relevant information.
I can summarise what I have read in the text and present that information in the follow up activities I complete.

Answer the following questions in red:

KNOWLEDGE - What are the facts
1. At what time and on what date was Mount Everest climbed for the first time?
29 May 1953 11.30am
2. Name the two other expeditions mentioned in this article that Sir Edmund Hillary led.
Crevasse-covered glaciers and deep drifts of snow to the South Pole

COMPREHENSION - Show that you understand the information
3. What did the Sherpa mean when he said “Our children have eyes but they cannot see”? All they know is their daily lives but they need to know about the world.
4. Think of another title for the article that summarises what the author is writing about
and would be a good hook for the reader.
Sir Edmund Hillary and his expeditions.

APPLICATION - Using what you read in the article
5. Design a poster for the Himalayan Trust to get donations and volunteers to help build a school for the Sherpas.
Screenshot from 2014-04-10 10:08:02.png

ANALYSIS - Organising information from the article
6. Draw a TIMELINE showing all the events in Sir Edmund Hillary’s life that are mentioned in this article. This will help you understand how the article has been organised by the author and is a good way to help you remember the information.
1953- Screenshot from 2014-04-11 14:20:42.png Next 50 years-Screenshot from 2014-04-11 14:28:50.png, Screenshot from 2014-04-14 09:04:39.png.

SYNTHESIS - Coming up with new ideas
7. Using modern technology, design a more efficient system for getting building equipment up the Himalayan mountains and clearing land for an airstrip.
Label your drawings or write descriptions to explain your interesting ideas.
Screenshot from 2014-04-16 10:05:30.png              

EVALUATION - Seeing both sides

“Being the first to climb Mt Everest is Sir Edmund Hillary’s most important achievement”
Make a chart and list your reasons for agreeing and disagreeing with this statement

I agree with this statement because……..
Yes it is important because no-one hasn’t climbed it and he is very famous now and he’s on the $5 dollar!!!.
I disagree with this statement because……….
On the other hand, I disagree because he could’ve still been a beekeeper by now he’ll be one of the best beekeepers.

EVALUATION - Making judgments about information

Do you think this article was well written?
Yes it was because it told me a lot of information about Sir Edmund Hillary.
♦ Was there a hook in the introduction? Hook : Rate 1-10 Rate 7, How he considers himself as a ordinary New zealander and a his instant fame.
♦ Was the information well organised in clear sections? Organisation : Rate 1-10 Rate 9, First the hook, next what time he climbed and information about the mount everest, how he achieved a lot of things and then about the building the school, Next how his family died during their flight.
♦ Was there an effective conclusion? Wrap-up : Rate 1-10 Rate 10, How he achieved a lot of things.

Write a short review of this article based on the ratings you have given it.
Comment on extra information that you think could or should have been included.
It was a good book because it told me a lot of information and it was on the right order and how it finished and also how he considers himself as an ordinary person.

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