Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Dark Rainbow

There once lived a boy named Kris, it was his birthday. So he went to Dark Rainbow with his friends John and Luke. Later that day the Dark Rainbow’s manager made the rides faster and scarier. When John and Luke came by Kris’s house. Kris was ready, but he didn't like the smell of his perfume. When they got there it wasn’t a big line as always. They had four hundred and thirty two dollars. When they got inside they went to the nearest ride and that was the rolling barrel. They had to go inside the barrel and roll down the hill. Once they up top of the hill, John said “Are you ready guys?,” “Yep,” shouted Luke. They all rolled down to the bottom of the hill.

Next they went to the roller coaster, the roller coaster wasn't full, they were the only ones in line. When they got inside the roller-coaster, they all were holding hands. “3,2,1” said the lady. They all shouted “AHHHHHH!!!!” When they got back to the roller coaster house again, the roller coaster didn't stop it kept going. The lady has fallen asleep and spilt her water into the control panel. “Help!” said John.

When the manager knew that the roller coaster hasn't been stopping, he called 911. The cops came with the ambulance as fast as they could. “What is going on,” said the cops, “The roller coaster isn't stopping. The cops tried throwing a rope and pulling it down but it did not work. They threw a rock in the corner of the ride but it did not stop. Then when they came with a big swimming pool, they shouted to John, Kris and Luke to jump in the swimming pool.

Luke jumped out first he was about to faint because he was a big fear of heights. When he jumped off he did a big bomb into the swimming pool. Next was John. John was a swimmer, he loved to dive off from big heights and do big splashes. When he dived off he did 3 back flips. Last was Kris, Kris didn't like water especially cold water. When he stood up, he fainted and landed on the swimming pool. “I think he fainted because of his perfume,” wondered Luke.

The next day Kris was in the hospital and was very sick. When his friends came over, they had pizza and fish’n’chips. When all his family and friends left. He felt lonely and fell to sleep. The day after that his whole family came over to visit and give him flowers. John and Luke came over and gave him a lot of presents. 13 years later Kris came out of the hospital and wasn't allowed to wear any perfume again and never go to a big heights.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Newspaper Matching

Muster is when a farmer calls a group of sheep or cows to come in and the farmer feeds it, cleans it or do something for them. I had trouble pairing it because my group never knew what muster was and I thought muster was feeding 1 cow.

The Foal Is Born

There was a boy name Ryan, His mum had a horse named Del. Del was gonna have a foal. Ryan was watching Del grow bigger and bigger. The next day Ryan said “It’ll be born any days now.” Later that evening Ryan fell to sleep and had a good nap. When Ryan woke up his mum and dad was in the horse paddock and there was a little foal lying down on Del.

Ryan ran as fast as he could outside, “It’s a filly,” said Dad. “Can I stroke her?” asked Ryan. “No!, It’s too soon, Del needs to get use to the foal.” replied Mum “. “You can at lease can look through windows in your room with your binoculars,” whispered Dad.” said Dad. The next morning he woke up and got his binoculars and looked across the field and saw the foal covered with something that looked like a white plastic bag. The foal was trying to get rid off the plastic bag. “Thats the sac that protected her when she was inside her mother” whispered dad. The foal was trying to stand with his long wobbly legs. “Time for school” said mum. Ryan replied back “Can i stroke her now,” “When you come back from school.” Replied mum.

While Ryan was at school, mum was feeding Del and giving him water to drink. A couple minutes after, the foal was ready to stand on her feet and ready for a feed. When the foal had finished drinking from her mother, the foal laid on the grass. Now it was time for Ryan’s mum to get use to the foal used to being touched. Ryan’s mum even put her fingers in the foals mouth and ears. Mum also put a leading rope around the foal to let get used to the feel of it.

When Ryan came home from school, the foal was sitting on the grass. Ryan ran to his mum and said “Can I stroke her now,” “Yes.” replied mum. “Whats her name?” he asked. “Dosti,” said his mum. “Hi, Dosti,” said Ryan, stroking the foal’s soft coat.

Now it was time to measure Dosti’s height. When Ryan measured her, she didn’t like the look of it. In the end, Mum had to hold Dosti still while Ryan moved the stick next to her. She didn’t like that much, either! “Ten hands” said mum. The Next day, the vet came to check Dosti and Del. She put a stethoscope on and listened to Dosti’s heartbeat. After that she checked Dosti’s blood to check if she had enough antibodies from Del’s milk.(Antibodies are special substances in the blood that help the body to fight off infections). “Dosti and Del was healthy and she’ll grow up to be a tall bay mare,” said the vet lady. “Just like her mum” said Ryan

Monday, 14 October 2013

Grandmas Birthday

On a very windy day, it was my grandmas birthday. My family went to visit her grave but before we had to visit her grave, we had to get decorations. After that we had to get fish’n’chips.

Once we got to Manukau memorials. We got very excited and wondered if her flowers on her grave got blown off by the wind. Next my sister was bursting to go my grandma. My cousin got the flowers and decorations out of the plastic bag and decorated her grave, once it was finished it looked very beautiful. Then my brother said “Lets eat now!!”. It was pretty nice especially the chicken. Then we sang her a birthday song. Next we had to go home because we had white Sunday practise.