Thursday, 11 July 2013

Wave 3

One early morning at 3:00 Ben got ready to go to school. He brushed his teeth, brushed his hair,did his uniform and then did his shoes. He went to school and he was the first one there. While he was waiting he felt a very strange noise, it was loud and weird. When he looked up there was nothing then he looked right and left. When he looked down there was clay solders and marshmallow soldiers having war. The Marshmallow king said “You're never gonna get us with your ugly clay,” and the clay soldier said “ You’re never going to take us alive”. They had a war and in the end there was no one alive, Ben had free marshmallows and free clay to make bricks.

Then he heard explosions, it was loud and then he turned on his x-ray vision and looked down and there was an underground war. When he looked down it was two little boys shooting bazookas and throwing grenades at each other. It was like spy vs spy. They were scientists because they were wearing coats and they had glasses and they had crazy hair. He jumped and fell a couple times and then it all went quiet. And then BOOM!!!. But luckily nothing didn't blow up only the underground  and the two boys.

Next he was shivering. Then he was laughing because there was a very big black thing on his leg and it was a big tarantula. It bit him good and made him stuck because of his spider webs but luckily he had a pencil to cut it. The tarantula was ugly and hairy. Ben was scared but luckily the sun went up and it burnt the tarantula then all the teachers came and all the children came and Ben survived 3 waves and did not die at all. And that day Ben never came to school earlier than the teachers.

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