Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Great Christmas Tree

Santa claus was just driving his sleigh to the mall but on the way  he saw a massive christmas tree. It was decorated with red shiny bulbs. It was shiny like a sun. “It was the greatest tree of all” said Santa. Santa was thinking and thinking and said “ This should be my christmas tree”. “I reckon I should put it in my sleigh as fast I could” said Santa.

But when he lifted up it fell on his sleigh. Oh no!!! said Santa. He tried to lift it up but it stuck on his sleigh for good. He tried a lot of stuff but it still didn’t work. What I am going to do and the christmas party is nearly going to in an hour.

Santa was thinking and he said “ Maybe I should just ride my sleigh and then it will come off then I lift it up again and chuck inside my sleigh”. Finally I did it. I should hurry up and go to the mall the party is about to start in ten minutes.

Finally he made just in time and all the kids was wishing what they wanted for christmas.

Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho

Thanks to Texas for editing my writing.

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