Monday, 11 February 2013

Waitangi Day

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Waitangi Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In a Sudden a Big loud voice came in my dream saying “ Wake up Faaiua Wake Up”. I woke up and suddenly my stomach felt like I was going to faint, I stood up dizzy but I couldn't wait for today because it was Waitangi Day. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth then I ran to my mum and told her “where are we doing today” I asked. She replied back “ We are going to my nana’s house and then go to the swimming pools. We had our breakfast but my mum and dad were making our food because we are going to have lunch there. We hopped inside our car and drove there with our scooters.

Once we got there we played with our cousins my dad said to me “ Go get the scooters inside the car” So I went and got it and I rode  around and around with my cousin. We went to go have something to  eat, we ate Fish & Chips, Chicken and Rice. I felt full so we packed up then went back home to watch some T.V. We finally went home and have a swim, I got ready and went  inside the car to go swimming pools.

When we got there we smelt the chlorine so my mum paid  it to the lady .After I got changed I walked to the swimming pools and jumped with a splash. After my two big brothers ran and done a bomb, I went under the water that I don’t even wet more. After we played rugby my little brother rugby ball, we threw the and ran their slowly because we were in the water . My brother catched the ball and swam to the other side of the swimming pool and ran to the try line. “Try” shouted my brother, finally my it was time to go home but first we had to get changed in the changing room.  I went outside and my dad was drinking juice with my little brother. My family got in the car and went home.

Thanks to Vaifoa and Sebastian for editing my work.

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