Friday, 2 November 2012

Ugly zombies

One scary night there was a king called faaiua. The country where he lived was europe. But in that country there was zombies, the zombies was so so hungry. But there was a mummy that came to save all the people but the zombies were to strong.

but the problem was that the people was to scared to fight with the zombies because they were ugly and freaky, The people had no guns and no swords to kill the zombies. The zombies was coming closer and closer to the people. “AAAAAH”shouted tame.
Tame was the slave of king Faaiua, Faaiua wasn't scared of anything because his friends, Henry,Vaifoa and Lukis. So all the friends went freaky zombies, Faaiua had a rope for choking the freaky zombies, Lukis got some rocks to throw at the ugly zombies, Henry had slingshot to shoot at the scary zombies and Vaifoa had a stick to hit the zombies. All the zombies were dieing, Vaifoa got the stick and hit the ugly zombies. Lukis got all the rocks and threw it to the ugly zombies. Henry shot the zombies with his slingshot, “aaaw” said the zombies. Finally king had got his rope “ Yes” said faaiua because he choked the zombies.

Faaiua and his country lived happily ever after

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