Friday, 9 November 2012

The Bleeding Stunt

One sunny day  there was free runners, free runners will always try to jump to the wall to the other. They lived in a cottage a very very small cottage. there names were Jordan and Henry, They are very small but tall.

Jordan jumped and done a front flip high in the air, “Wow” said henry. henry jumped and tried to do a stunt but when he got to the other wall he was bleeding like a raspberry drink tipped into the the ground. “Ahhh" said henry with pain.

Jordan ran as fast as he could to Henry. Henry said “ call nine one one one.Jordan ran to the cottage and got the phone and called the ambulance. The ambulance and the police came as fast as they could.

Finally the ambulance came the doctors came and checked on him as fast as he could. The doctors lifted him into the cot. Jordan was relieved that Henry didn't die. A week after the bleeding stunt henry was fine.

Henry and Jordan didn’t  freerunning that day forward.

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