Thursday, 23 August 2012

The School Cross Country.

One day Pt.England had been doing cross country. We got changed into our house colours, My colour was Takitimu yellow. I was happy when my friend was in my team. Our house captain was Kayde. It was a hot sunny day so we had water and food before we had to run.

When I was at the start line it was muddy and soggy. When we took off all the nine year olds always get other people dirty and ugly. I got to the bridge and I was scared because it was broken into parts! It started to go harder and lost but luckily the martials was there to tell us where to go. The funny moments was when I was shuffling in the mud trying to go up the small hill. When I passed some people they were exhausted and lazy because I think that they forgot that they had cross country tomorrow and went to sleep at midnight. The track was uneven, slippery, broken bridges, zigzagging tracks, mud squishing, smelly mud creek. I said to my friend that  “I will come last” But I jogged with determination and desire.

When I heard the crowd shouting with excitement I was happy and tiring. I saw my friends so I jogged up to them and we jogged together through the finish line. I saw my team they said “Yay!!!”  I sat down and took my muddy shoes off and went to the tap to have a drink and wash off the dirty mud on my legs. When my friend sat down he said “Come here” we played and watch the intermediate students and the juniors sprint to the finish line.

I thought cross country will be that hard but it was the best day ever and the laziest day ever.

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Mr Marks said...

Great use of topic words Faaiua. They really help describe your day.

Do you think your second paragraph is about one main idea?

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