Thursday, 2 August 2012

Cross Country

Team 4 had being doing cross country for the next six weeks. Mr.Marks said “ Are you ready” We said “ Yes!!!” “Go!!!” Mr.Marks said loudly.
The five classes congested all together in the breeze, Some people was shoving. Next we saw Miss.Ouno at the gate she told us to go right where the field is and “you will see Miss. King”. I was jogging then I lost my energy, I was huffing and  puffing.

Most of the people was lazy and exhausted, I got some energy so I just jog slowly. Then we saw Miss. King and she said “You're next teacher is Mr.Sommerville. So we sprinted to Mr.Sommerville, Someone said “ We are close”. We taped Mr.Sommerville hand and Jogged back to school safely.

We had to walk around the courts, but some students were cheating. After that we had to do some exercise with Mr.Marks, sideways, backwards, forwards. Some exercise hurts but then my body got stronger and got healed again .  “It was fun and exhausting”. I said “ I think we are going to be fit for the next six weeks” Finally the bell rang loudly!.                                                  

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