Monday, 6 August 2012

Imaginary Monster

One Day there was Dragon called Rainbow Drago and he lived in a great big castle on top of the volcano. Then the volcano erupted at night time all the thirty one small dragons was frightened and Lee the dragon died. But the black knights were coming to steal gold and give it to their master that they can buy weapons and food for their village but the Rainbow drago was too weak because the black knights had weapons but he didn't because he is a dragon. Finally the white knights came to help him and his small dragons. When they were at war the some dragons sneaked without telling Rainbow drago. After the white knights won the war they counted the small dragons and they counted twenty five Rainbow Drago said “ Maybe I counted wrong” So he counted again properly”. One dragon came up and said Lee had died, some dragons died when you were watching but he said “ Oh what had I done when my wife comes and she is going count the dragons”. So they searched all of them and they got them because they could fly and some could sprint fast. When they got to the castle they were all excited again but when the wife came back and they had a funeral.

They lived happy ever after  

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