Thursday, 2 July 2015

Term 2 Highlights

My three highlights for term 2 is.....
1. Soccer tournament at Sacred Heart College.
The reason I picked this is because it was a very fun day and Miss Va'afusanga said "That was probably the best soccer team that Point England has ever taken to a soccer tournament." We came third in our pool and came sixth out of the whole tournament.
2. Inquiry, Tinkering Tools and Toys
I picked this because it was fun going into groups, making presentations and creating my project.
3. Basketball Kiwi sport
Basketball this term was fun. Melak was a great coach, I had fun playing games and instructions such as Pivot, Shooting and Dribbling.

My 2 things I will be improving next term is moving up a new level in reading. I will also be trying new sports. Before the year ends I want to make sure I get into a college and join at least 10 sports this year.


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