Thursday, 30 July 2015

Inference Activity 2

KEY into evaluation LEVEL ONE SET 2
Evaluation requires the skills of reorganisation and inference. Answers must come from the information in the story. Look for keywords. Consider the writer’s intent.
“Don’t get in that end of the pool - it's slippery!" Phil‘s father called from the garden.
The new smooth paint was gleaming bright blue beneath the sparkling water of the pool.
Kids were jumping in at the deep end, splashing, laughing and calling out to each other. Kane was going toward the gently sloping end of the pool. He didn't like jumping in; he liked to walk in and get wet slowly. He entered the water and stood with it lapping around his ankles. He moved forward until the water was nearly at his knees. With his next step his feet went from under him and he fell backwards onto the hard blue concrete.

a. Who was Phil's father calling to? Kane
Why do you say that? Because Kane was going towards the sloped end of the pool
b. Why do you think Kane didn't take notice of Phil’s father? Because the kids were laughing and calling out to each other.

In a strong wind, the revolving clothesline would spin round and round. When Ray’s cousin Shelley was visiting, she found it funny to see a pair of trousers or socks moving around on the ‘outdoor spin dryer'.
To a seven year old this sort of clothesline was an excellent way to have fun. One person could hold onto any part of the line, tuck their legs up, and be pushed around by another.
However, during that morning a large wash had just been hung on the line - it would be ages before the line would be clear. Deciding they couldn't wait, they spent some time spinning around on the line before lunch anyway.
It wasn‘t until that evening when Shelley had gone, that Ray's mother started folding the newly washed clothes and discovered that one leg of her pyjama pants was now longer than the other.
a. What is meant by the 'outdoor spin dryer'? Its a clothesline spinning outdoor.
b. How do you think one pyjama leg became Longer than the other? The strong wind probably blew the pyjama so hard, one of the pyjamas leg came off.

When the doctor told Jay that it would take at least four weeks for his leg to heal after the accident, he groaned. When he realised what he would be missing, he wanted to cry.
it had all gone wrong. Now, instead of being the star of his team, he would have to watch the soccer finals from the sideline. If only he hadn't told his friends he could steer his bike with his feet. With both feet on the handlebars he didn't have much control as he built up speed. It wasn't that steep. lt was just that he hadn't seen the brick that had fallen off someone’s trailer.
a. What was Jay going to be missing?
Jay was going to be missing the soccer finals.
b. What do you think caused the accident?
The brick that came off someone's trailer.

This is another inference activity. Inferencing is reading between the lines. You have to use the clues within the text that the author didn't imply. You have to use your prior knowledge to help you find out what the answer is.

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