Thursday, 6 November 2014

Kowhaiwhai And Patterns

Read the following article and think about the issue.

What was the opinion of Associate Professor Taonui?
The new cabin crew uniform is way too busy and while there is room to update and modernise, the pattern appears to have been thrown together like a poster in a child room
What do you think?
I think Associate Professor Taonui is right, the cabin crew uniform is way too busy. And they know don't know what motifs they have used.
Do some more finding out about Kowhaiwhai and patterns you find in pasifika cultures.
The Maori people brought a culture, which included Kowhaiwhai patterns, from Polynesia hundreds of years ago. There are Kowhaiwhai paintings that are over 500 years old still surviving today. The oldest known Kowhaiwhai are the patterns painted on the canoe paddles.
Now it’s your turn to be the designer.
Consider what you have read and found out…

Create a design that could be printed for a new piece of school uniform. You need to incorporate a cultural pattern in your design and be able to explain the components of your design.

Create a picture of you modeling/showing your design
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