Monday, 24 November 2014

Film Festival - Manaiakalani

Without hesitation, I promptly leaped out of bed and opened the curtains seeing the sun shining into my bedroom. When I got into my school uniform. I was ready for the start of my acting debut. I was anxious because I was going to be acting in a movie on an extreme screen.

On the morning of the film festival the junior school attended the first session for the reason that is that our school is too big so we had to come in different session. The intermediate school had to go after morning tea until lunchtime. After we had morning tea we came back rapidly to class so we could go on the bus to the Manaiakalani film festival. There were three fairly old buses that arrived at our school.

Once we arrived at Sylvia Park we dantly formed 2 long lines. We all quietly followed Mrs Nua to the extreme screen. When my hand gripped the railing of the elevator, higher I went I saw the movies that was coming out soon. I rapidly made a dashed to the front of the line to get the front seats but when we went inside it was taken by the Sommerville Special School. So we had to sit on the seats in the middle.

When we were watching the movies my class’s movie was up first. I was really nervous because I was going to be in the movie. So I had to crunch up and hide myself from my friends. But when I came up, I wasn’t really that nervous because I didn’t really care. My favourite movie was the Bowl Cut from Class 4 for the reason that is because it included everything such as the animation, comedy, step by step on how to do a Bowl Cut.

After 21 outstanding movies, we all got out of our chairs quickly. We tiredly scrambled outside. After waiting for 7 minutes, the buses arrived to pick us up. Eventually we came to school and just then the lunchtime bell rang. The senior syndicate splitted up into their classes and ate their lunch.

At the end of the day, we all went home talking about other classes movies. On that night there were going to be another film festival except it would show all the favourite movies and our class were selected to be in the night shows.

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