Friday, 5 September 2014

Shark Finning Getting Banned

The New Zealand Government has announced that they will be banning shark finning. The new law will be passed as of October in 1st October.

The New Zealand Government has brought forward the discussion with the fishing industry and the general public, It was supposed to be banned on 2016 October. Conservation Minister Nick Smith organized to ban finning of all shark species, except for blue sharks by October 2015. The New Zealand Government are probably banning shark finning because its coming extinct.  

I feel dejected about the fishers that love shark finning. Some people need shark fins for their restaurants for food. A lot of people relish shark fins for dinner and lunch. The ban will also make it illegal to seize the sharks and remove its fins dump the corpse into sea. Every year 50,000 and 165,000 blue sharks believed to be assassinated in New Zealand.  

Many sharks have been caught in tuna long-lines. Only ninety percent of the biggest sharks have been killed and with only ten percent of sharks are left. Over 190 sharks are killed every minute, just their fins. The entire body of the sharks are just dumped in the ocean. Around the globe 275,000 sharks are slaughtered every day. There are 113 species of sharks within New Zealand.

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