Thursday, 25 September 2014

Argument Writing. School Uniforms


  • You won’t get judged everyday
  • It represents our school and the point england way.
  • It doesn’t waste your time looking for your clothes in the morning

I am strongly for school uniforms at Point England School!! Because it would not waste your parents cash to buy new clothes for school. I believe that Pt England School should wear uniforms because it makes the school look smarter and it represents us and the Pt England way. It doesn’t waste any of our time. You won’t feel alienated if you're wearing the school uniform and it doesn’t prevent bullying.

I truly believe that every school in New Zealand should wear uniforms it makes them look a lot smarter. It represents our school and its specifically designed for the school and community. Students won’t get their clothes ruined such as their jeans, t-shirt and jackets. It saves all night hunting for our clothes what we’re going to wear tomorrow. Every time I scan the school logo, I always remember that i'm representing my school and my family.

If you wear your school uniform you won't get judged or teased. I really love the uniform because its one of my favourite colours, RED and BLACK. It will prevent alienation and bullying. It will save money from your parents from buying new clothes every week. School uniforms are lovely for the reason that when visitors come it will look RED everywhere which will look pretty awesome and its good for other amazing occasions. Students wont get judged everyday from their clothes they wear.

It won't waste your time looking for your clothes that you're going to be wearing tomorrow. Plus it won’t waste any of your working time worrying about your outfit. You’ll have a lot longer time sleeping alternatively searching for your clothes. But school uniforms are so much preferable because you won't waste any of your time looking for a dress. Many schools will have a brawl about them having mufti and we get to wear school uniforms.


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