Monday, 4 November 2013

The Whisperer

Walking from school, Vaifoa heard a familiar noise coming from a empty dark farm. Walking inside with muddy feet, Vaifoa heard a secret message. Calling across the farm “STOP, STOP, STOP!!!” Vaifoa was scared and nervous.  Seeing blood everywhere, it got scarier and scarier. When Vaifoa looked at the entrance it was closed.

Running across the pitched black place. He fell over into a hole which was a shiny bright room which had swords, bows and spears. Then he looked into the mirror and he saw a ghost which was a little boy with freckles. “Ahhh” said Vaifoa. When he looked back there was no-one there. He took the bow and practice aiming for 2 and half hours. When he got out of the shiny bright room he wanted to stay in there for a bit longer but he knew the ghost was in there..

Eating his lunch he heard another noise and everytime he heard that noise he will always use his arrows. 1 more arrow left. He got closer and closer, “No! No! No!” said the mysterious noise. “Its 5:45, ok, 15 more minutes left until night time.

He got closer and closer and when he saw the secret message, it was a goat screaming, he was getting murdered by a teenager. He got out his bow and aimed at the murderer. Beep Beep Beep, the murderer looked at him and killed him then the goat got outraged and hit him and then the ghost came and scared the murderer away. Then the ghost went inside Vaifoa’s body and lived in him forever. Then the goat died many years after and the murderer never came back again.

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