Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Dragon Machine

One rainy` day there was a boy named George he was very unnoticed because he was looking out the window and he saw dragons flying.

And then he saw the dragons on the telephone wire and in the dust pin. Then he was feeding the dragons and taking care of him. After that he went to other places and he was cleaning all of the footprints and saying sorry for breaking everything but it wasn't his fault.

Next he went to the library and he saw a map where he can find the dragon machine on a stranded island. He hammered the nails and there was a tail, head and other body parts. Then he went inside the dragon machine and all the dragons followed him and then the dragon machine broke.

The next morning he woke up and the dragons was gone. And there was emptiness in him and should be at home. His mother and his dad was looking for him and then they found him and took back home and had a cake for his return and had a dog or was it?. But all that time it was a dream.

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