Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Leeeric And Francis

One unusual day a very sad and poor person named Francis. He was a smart boy especially at writing and reading because his reading age when he was 10 years was 11.5 and his writing was 11.5. He wanted to be an explorer and wanted to meet his favourite pop star Leeeric. Francis loves chop suey especially made by his auntie. He also likes soccer because of his friend Lee. Lee and Francis always has a competition who kicks further and Francis always wins. His favourite teacher is Mr Somerville.

Then next day Francis woke up and felt very tired and wanted stay home. Then his family goes shopping but he stays home all by his self. Then all sudden he hears a very strange noise and when he went to the setting room it was the police. “KNOCK KNOCK” said the Police, “ Who’s there” said Francis. He opened the door and the police said “Can you come with me”, then he said “Okay”. Then he took him to a private jet plane. Then all sudden the oil gets out of fuel. Luckily they had parachutes so they opened the door and took the parachutes then they jumped out of the jet plane and nearly died.
But then superman came and saved them two and took them to land. And then superman took Francis to a secret hiding place and Leeeric was there. Francis said to Leeeric “Can I have a autograph please”, “Okay” replied Leeeric. Then he took a picture of him and Leeeric. But when Leeeric pinched him he woke up.

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