Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Clay workshop

In the moment I stepped inside the art studio there was a lady called Sue and her daughter Georgia, I looked at a turtle decoration and I said “ That looks colourful like the butterfly”. I went to the seat sat down put the apron properly that was on the  chair.

First we got started by doing the instructions after that we had to design our pattern beautifly. Sue said to us “ Are you’s finished sketching your patterns”. We had our sticky and squishy clay, next we had to do cross hatching with our kebab sticks around the clay.

We had to glue around the shaped squared clay. I had to make the patterns that I drew in the beginning I sketched my best friend's initials. I rolled my small amount of clay that I had It was smooth surfaced. Then I had to use marbles and glass the glass was so sharp so we used a spoon to scoop it up.

I used multiple colours with the marbles and glass it looked wonderful. After I put my clay in the kiln after that I was doing my clay I was a chaotic mess luckily we had swimming.

I wish we had more time to do more, It was Fun.

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