Thursday, 21 June 2012

Alien petshop

Once upon a time there was a alien called Lee he came and kidnapped me and made me as a pet. He took me to Jupiter I was scared,when they took me there a they put me in a cage where animals and humans get stuck inside. Someone sold me to a alien called Lukis he was very poor so his mum told him to buy a human pet.

Lukis treated me like a real pet he gave me slimy yucky food. One day he took me to the park I tried to run away but he was too fast. When we got home and we went to sleep I tried snuck out again.But he's Mum came to visit him and me!!!.

My best friend Vaifoa came with a shiny suit I said “ Who’s that”. I was so happy when I saw him I haven't seen him for a year. The aliens got scared of him he came and took me and went to earth.


Shalom said...

Hi Faaiua,

It's me your buddy shalom. I really like how you told me what happened in your story or play.In that story I was thinking if you didn't like being a pet. If you were a pet how would you feel? I would feel sad and homesick because I would miss my family. Anyways I do like the story.

From your friend Shalom.

Faaiua said...

Thank you Shalom for your comment

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