Friday, 25 September 2015

Let The Race Begin

We have to write about what perspective we want to write about. I picked the person who came second place.

When I took one step out of the bus, there were camera lights flashing at my face. As I entered the stadium, I could see some of the other runners getting changed. I could hear my name in the some of the interviews.

First I slowly walked onto the rough track. Then I started to warm up. I was extremely keen because the crowd was cheering my name.

Then I saw my rivals getting into their starting position. I rapidly jogged to the starting line and formed myself into my starting position. Clearly the other competitors were nervous too as I could smell their body odour wafting off their bodies.

Next the gun made a loud shrieking BANG! I took off like a rocket. I could feel sweat flowing down my neck and my heart was beating like a drum.

After that I was in the last ten metres of the sprint. My only perspective was the finish line until this tall muscular man went speeding past like the speed of a Lamborghini. When I went past the finish line, I kept my chin up and congratulate the others for the race.

Finally the race was over. I went to stand on the podium, when I heard my national anthem. I knew I represented my country and my family.

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