Monday, 19 May 2014

Sound Explanation Writing

For Inquiry this term we are learning about sound and how it travels. This explanation will explain sound. Sound is a vibration, When you talk, your vocal cords vibrate and it travels through sound waves which goes into your eardrum and then it is transferred by your brain which says “Hey, I recognize that sound.”

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Once something gets hit. The sound waves travels and it goes into your eardrums which then transfers it into your brain then goes I recognize that sound. Once a material is hit the sound waves moves forward and it hits the molecules. Once the material stops vibrating, the sound waves fades and the molecules comes back into their formation. And when the molecules are back in formation, they wait until something else gets hit.  Sound waves travel through the air, high pitch sound wave is closer and the low pitch is further apart. Both sound waves travels the same, Can we see sound waves? No, we can’t see sound waves. Both low pitch and high pitch travel the same speed.

If our world didn’t have sound it would be boring. If someone tries to talk no one will be able to hear him and if you're playing an instrument like a drum, it will sound like air drums. It’ll be like wearing ear muffs. But in the other hand it’ll be quite cool without sound because if you were in a school or an office with no sound it’ll be full of silence and that means you can focus on doing your work.

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