Monday, 24 March 2014

Malaysian Airlines News Report

One of the Malaysian Airlines flight also known as MH370 has vanished from the radar. In the flight there was 239 people inside. There was a rumour that the plane was hijacked. It took off at the capital city of Asia, Kuala Lumpur. And was bound for beijing, the capital city of china. It has vanished two weeks ago.

There were two New Zealanders on board the flight. There were also two people that had stolen passports. The flight was a 7 hour distant flight. At this stage the reason for the disappearance is still unknown. Planes and ships across Asia are still hunting for the jetline.

Some people might say that they still haven’t crashed. I think that the plane might’ve sank or went to high that they lost signal and exploded into pieces. Maybe the plane was halfway but then one of the cables busted up that they accidentally turned left or right and then lost signal. A lot of people think that the front landing gear ignited when taking off. I don’t know really what might happen maybe someone put a bomb in the plane.

There has been a lot of anger in Kuala Lumpur. Many people has been depressed and angry especially all of the mothers and fathers. The most depressing part is that grandmas and grandpas are very furious that they lost their daughters and son.

There is still a party for looking for the flight. A lot of people are still looking hunting  for the flight and the people.  I hope they find it someday and I hope that they are still alive.

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