Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter Holidays

In the holidays it was easter holidays and it was my cousins birthday as well. My cousins name is Xavier and he is turning sixteen. So we went to mission bay and did a egg hunt, it was fun and exciting. We had to walk around the beach two times because it takes time to hide the easter eggs. After that we were getting closer to the park again. Once we got there my dad said “ Find those easter eggs!!!”.

The first one to find the first easter eggs was my little sister, she found it on the tree. But my favourite one was on top of the car because my dad had to lift me up to get the easter egg. After that we had to sit down where the bbq was. I found six easter eggs, my little sister found three, my big brother found five, my little brother found two and my big sister found five like my brother.

The next thing was to eat the sausages, chicken and cake for my cousin. The cake was yum because it was a mud cake. My mum said to us “ Its ready”. We went and got our plates and forks to my mum and got our sausages and chicken. My big brother said “ Something is missing” my dad said “ Is it tomato sauce” “Yeah” replied my brother. After that we sang “ Happy birthday to my cousin”. We cleaned up and we for a swim to finish the day off.

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