Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Moving In

On Friday my auntie Line and my cousin piula are come from samoa here to live because Piula’s brother is moving to australia to live there. So Piula is going to live here but my auntie is going to live here for about two or one or three or more weeks. It is going to be cool because my auntie LIne is kind and Piula is kind too. I hope my other cousin looks after himself when he’s gone to australia. But luckily my uncle lives there.

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vaifoa said...

Hey Faaiua

I really love your writing you done. Is your Auntie really moving in?
That writing tells me a lot of what you are doing. Nice work. You should trie
out to read it out a loud to your self that will make your writing better. I think you done a little bit of mistake there. You have a capital I in your writing. KEEP IT UP FAAIUA!!!

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